Enacted Ministries

Enacted Ministries

Branching Out to Serve

What some people refer to as Mission Outreach, or Evangelism, we just think of as our Enacted Ministries. These are some of the places where we answer Jesus’ command to live out our faith and not hide it under a bushel. While many of our members participate in their own activities, as People of the Way, we collectively engage in the following.


You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.

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Living in this period of global pandemic has raised concerns & challenges as well as opportunities for us as we pursue our mission as a faithful community of believers, reaching out to serve together in love. Our IPC congregation continues to demonstrate ongoing care for people and issues in our community. We continue to look for ways to cultivate our gifts and listen for God’s call to mission.

Mission Project Teams of IPC
are volunteers who provide intentional focus on developing personal relationships & strengthening partnerships with targeted community partners.

Please follow the embedded links to learn about our TEAMS, our PARTNERS, and their offerings.

Our Community Food Cupboard of Rochester (RCFC) Team (led by Jim T.) has continued to serve those in our community who are food insecure throughout the year. See what we’re doing with them right now. 

  • IPC volunteers serve on the RCFC board.
  • IPC volunteers work in Emergency food packaging & distribution.
  • IPC volunteers donate financial support, food products, and essential personal care items.
  • IPC volunteer assists clients from Catholic Charities Community Services learning work related soft skills at RCFC.

Our Cameron Community Ministries (CCM) Team (led by Diane H.) has enabled IPC to support the good work this urban outreach community center does in the Lyle-Otis neighborhood.  See what we’re doing with them now.

  • IPC volunteers helped the food pantry pack bags for distribution.
  • IPC volunteers organized a school supply donation drive to support those in the Cameron community returning to school after a year of virtual learning.
  • IPC volunteers organized a collection of warm winter hats/gloves/scarves for the Cameron Community.
  • IPC volunteers participated in the Family Donations drive (making Christmas wishes come true for 7 families/16 children in the Cameron community).

We recently established a Mission Project Team for the Creative Beginnings Childcare Center (CBCC) located on our IPC Campus. CBCC has resided at IPC since 2014 and we seek to maintain & strengthen our relationship.  We hope to offer families and children in our community this much needed and valuable resource for years to come.

  • IPC volunteers serve on the CBCC Board.
  • IPC volunteers maintain the property to meet all daycare compliance regulations.

IPC participates annually in the East Avenue Grocery Run. This is a fundraising event to support local food cupboards. Thank you, team captain Carol H. and co-captain Jim T., for organizing and guiding our small but mighty IPC team on a walk in Durand Park to raise funds for our two local food cupboards.

Our Mission Core Team is committed to providing educational learning opportunities so our congregation can learn about specific issues of social justice and human need in our community.

Last year, for instance, we invited the Director from Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services (RRRS) to join us for worship. He brought along with him an advocate and an Afghan refugee. We learned about the current resources and needs of refugees in our community.

Our Mission Core Team has guided the planning and distribution of special offerings at IPC. Thanks to generous contributions, IPC has provided financial support to:

We have continued our tradition of supporting PC(USA)’s churchwide Special Offerings to help share Christ’s love with millions of people around the world, including:

Presbyterians do mission in partnership to broaden our awareness of how interconnectional God’s mission is at the local, national, and global level. This year, IPC contributed to general mission work:

Please contact Diane H. through the CONTACT tab (above) for more information, to become a partner with us, to coordinate efforts with another agency, or to join us in any of these Enacted Ministries.