The Sea of Galilee

… A small group focused on spiritual bonding through Biblical exploration. 

The Sea of Galilee Small group meets at Irondequoit Presbyterian Church every Saturday morning from 10:30 AM to 12 noon.

Our small group is focused on nurturing and developing close relationships and spiritual bonding in the context of exploring Biblical scripture and religious themes as they relate to and inform our response and actions to events in our contemporary world.

We begin with a “check in” to allow everyone to tell the group how they are doing, how their week has gone, and if they have any special needs or prayer concerns. The group “check-in” is followed by a group prayer in which we acknowledge and hold up all of those who have needs and concerns to be brought to prayer.

Following the group prayer, the Saturday morning Small Group then focuses on a curriculum that the group chooses to discover novel ways to connect Biblical Scripture and religious themes to the problems we face in our contemporary world:

  • poverty
  • injustice
  • racial and gender issues
  • war
  • homelessness,  and
  • economic inequality

Some of the Scriptural resources we have used as touchstones for exploring our response to contemporary world problems are:

  • the Parables of Jesus and their relationship to today’s world;
  • the Psalms of protest and lament; the message of the Gospels for the poor, the outcasts, and the marginalized;
  • the message and meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection for our world today.

Through our Small Group‘s engagement with Biblical scripture and interpreting it in the light of our contemporary experiences, we uncover how the Bible remains a vital and exciting resource to help us when confronting the issues we face in today’s world.

Our group is constantly changing and we are open to new members all of the time. So If you are looking for friendship, spiritual connection and growth, and a loving circle of friends to share your experiences with, then the Saturday morning group at IPC is where you will find a loving, caring and accepting home.

Have questions?…..

Contact Group Leader:  David E. or the church office through the CONTACT tab (above) for more details.