Rooted in Christ

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Worship takes many different forms at IPC. There’s the traditional Sunday-morning-in-the-sanctuary-worship with music, prayer, a choir, preaching the Word and fellowship, but there’s also our small-group-encounters with study, prayer, fellowship and food. We think that worship is anything that reminds us there is something greater than us who is always with us and who loves us unconditionally. So … what does it look like for you? Nature? Conversations over tea? Solving the world’s problems at a local “watering hole?” Worship should be both-and, not either-or. Both the traditional for those who finding meaning in it, and the creative, casual, new experiences for those who find meaning in those. We don’t have to choose! We can have it all!

Sundays, 10 AM, at our IPC Campus.
We hope to see you there!