Who is Pastor Deb?

Who is Pastor Deb?

The Reverend Deborah Fae Swift came to IPC in 2022, after 30 years as a Presbyterian minister and following successful careers in music education and community organizing. She lives in the city as a mom, gardener, and warrior for justice and joy and also serves as pastor of South Presbyterian Church, a 100% Missional Church that partners with IPC in its ministries.

She is the author of The Church Has Left the Building A Case Study of One Church’s Story of Transformation, Redefinition & New Life, is the Executive Director of Firebird Spirit, Inc. – a national nonprofit devoted to assisting churches in becoming more missional, a writer of mysteries, and a classically trained musician.

A singer-songwriter, she holds the copyright on several solos and choral arrangements, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation whose training and ethical standards she uses in providing Executive, Leadership and Spiritual coaching to individuals across the country.

A transformative thinker and visionary, she is committed to providing meaningful worship and pastoral care to all people.

You can learn a lot about a church by the Pastor’s theology. Interested in what our Pastor believes? Check out her personal Statement of Faith.

Periodically, she will comment on life, culture, the world, or whatever floats through her mind. Here is the Pastor’s Blog.

Catch her weekday thoughts and meditations with the Prayerful Pause videos.

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