In addition to Pastor Deb, we are blessed to have amazing professionals who lead us throughout the week as well.

Kathy Thomas
Choir Director / Organist

Kathy has been Choir Director/Organist at IPC since 1984. She is a classically-trained musician, having begun piano lessons at a very young age, and continued all through high school, adding organ lessons during summers. Accompanying choruses and soloists, both vocal and instrumental throughout my teenage and college years, gave her a solid background for the church work she has done. “I have developed patience, a good sense of humor, learned to be open to suggestions, tolerant and fair, and to trust not only myself, but God, as He guides and inspires me.” Kathy loves the research for appropriate service music and the rehearsal process as well. Hearing music come to life is a real joy for her and for all of us! She considers herself to have been richly blessed to be involved in music all her life, and says she feels very fortunate to have been at IPC, both as a member of the congregation since 1963, and as Music Director for the last few decades. She is quick to share that “When in Our Music God is Glorified,” is a favorite hymn of hers, and, in fact, is her mantra and says it all!

Kevin Fuller
Office Administrator

Through a Covenant with South Presbyterian Church (whose offices are also located in our building) we have the services of Kevin Fuller as our Office Administrator. Kevin brings knowledge and experience in the areas of marketing, IT, project and program development as well as a thorough understanding of how to “do church” in the 21st century. We welcome him on board Mondays-Thursdays when he staffs the IPC Office in the morning and the South Office in the afternoon.


Timo Huttunen
Sexton – Custodian



Employed as church sexton since 2004, Timo resides in Webster, NY with wife,
Robin and their three sons, Isak, Ezekiel, and Jermaine.