Weekly Updates from the Office

Weekly Updates from the Office

From the Office on December 8, 2023

Hello IPC Members & Friends!
Here’s your Advent Weekly Update. With Kevin on vacation, this is your regular Thursday Update … 😆

ADVENT READINGS FOR WEEK 2 have been emailed to you. Let me know if you didn’t get them, I’ve heard from a couple of you that you are enjoying the opportunity to just sit and “be” for a bit while you look these over. It is easy for us to “do.”  It’s a little harder for us to just “be.” I write about this in THE PASTOR’S BLOG this week, Do-Be-Do-Be-Do … The Rhythm of Life : https://irondequoitpc.org/pastor-debs-blog/
This week both at Sunday worship and online, we are celebrating our ADVENT HEALING SERVICE. We hope you will join us on Sunday at 1PM but if not, here is the link on our YouTube Channel.
https://youtu.be/KA8hU4BWnnM?si=RoS6IS7k79h31Ck3 The service has already been uploaded.
Please remember that this Sunday we are collecting our CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR THE CAMERON CHILDREN. Thank you to all who are engaged in the gift-giving.
This Sunday our worship will be gifted once again with the SAXOPHONE QUARTET and their wonderful Christmas music. Come early and enjoy some holiday tunes. And then after worship, we are hoping you will stick around for 15-20 minutes after the saxophone postlude. The Session would really like to hear your thoughts about SUSAN ORR’S CONVERSATION WITH US. If you weren’t here when she spoke, come anyway so you can get the gist of what was said. We’ll just stay in the sanctuary and compare some notes for a while.
KEVIN RETURNS FROM VACATION and will be back in the office on Monday. He should resume the weekly updates next week.
Advent Blessings as we get closer to Bethlehem in our hearts!
Pastor Deb



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