What to Expect

What to Expect

So, it’s your first time with us.

Maybe you’ve been involved in a “church” before … maybe not.

We are people who like to be challenged, who like to question and wrestle with the answers.

What we are feeling called by God to do is to reclaim / redefine “church” for the 21st century. So while we might outline a few facts here, please know that we are always changing, refining, updating and trying new things.

If that idea appeals to you … check us out.

If not … check us out anyway. You might be surprised. And maybe YOU are meant to help us become who God is calling us all to be.

We tend to “push the limits” in terms of applying our faith to everyday life.

Our pastor doesn’t lecture or give us easy answers, but she is there to walk with us on our individual and collective journeys — no matter how varied they might be.

We have members of every political party in our congregation — and those who don’t belong to any party.

Blue-collar, White-collar, and No-collar.

People who shower before work, and people who need a shower after work.


Everyone is Welcome. Wherever you are on your Spiritual Journey, you are welcome here!

When we say, “everyone,” we mean everyone … regardless of age, race, gender, sexual identity, cognitive ability, income, physical capacity. All of us are children of the Living & Loving God.

Sometimes that causes us to stop and figure out how to be together … but isn’t that what Jesus came to teach us how to do?

Here are some of the “basic questions” about Sunday morning.

What are your services like?
Well … on Sunday mornings, our get-togethers are what you might expect: prayer, singing (traditional as well as contemporary) songs, scripture, preaching that both “comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.” We serve Communion on the first Sunday of the month.

But on OTHER DAYS, our “services” take the form of food cupboards, small groups, pre-schools, and more. If you are feeling led to do something in the community, we would love to help match you up with what that might be and then to have conversations about “Where did you find the Spirit in this?” or “How does this demonstrate your faith?”

How long are they?
Sunday morning is about an hour … but we often stick around to chat and share life.

What is your style of worship?
There’s always a lot of laughter and connection. Community is at the core of our faith. Around holidays, we are pretty traditional with our readings and music. But always, we are excited to try new things.

Our Pastor preaches (or reflects) from her iPad while standing on the floor — on the same level with us. No hierarchy here. Often services include Emerging Wisdom which is a 5-8 minute period when the congregation answers questions that Pastor Deb puts to us. That’s one way we continue to learn more about each other and our faith. No one HAS to participate, but many do.

What is typical attire?
Whatever is comfortable. Jeans are fine. For Christmas and Easter you might find some people more dressed up, but we don’t get hung up on what you look like. We’re more interested in who you are inside, than outside.

Is child care available? (don’t overlook the importance of this)
If we know that this is a need of yours, we will provide it. Kindly give us a heads-up during the week. We have a beautiful facility for child care.

Since COVID, we have not been visited by many children, but we have years of professional educational experience if you and your friends want to come and be the new anchor of our Children’s Program.

If you would rather sit down with the pastor or a member and get to know us that way before coming to Sunday worship … or if you would like to join us in one of our Enacted Ministries, give us a call and we’ll set something up.